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Check out these easy Kids Crafts and Activities for kids.  They are not only fun but also great for your child’s growth and development.  Browse through these mom tried and tested crafts and activities to do with kids.

Most of the times we parents are not sure how to keep our kids engaged. This where these craft projects for kids or simple activities come to rescue. These simple art and craft activities can provide hours of fun for both kids and parents. And what more you don’t need to spend a lot time or money to set these up.

Easy Kids Crafts and Activities for you

So we have curated the best of fun crafts and activities to do with kids to make your life easier. What you will find at Sharing Our Experiences is

Crafts to do with kids based on craft supplies available

Cut and Paste crafts for kids

Paint Crafts for Kids

Paper Crafts for Kids

Popsicle stick crafts for kids

Crafts for kids based on how you are making a craft

Heart shaped crafts for kids

Q tip crafts for kids

Fingerprint art kids

Hand print crafts for kids

Kids Crafts based on what your child wants to make (Theme based kids crafts)

Caterpillar Crafts for kids

Bird Crafts for kids

Kite crafts for kids

Butterfly crafts for kids

Fish crafts for kids

Holiday Crafts for kids

Christmas Crafts for kids

Valentine Day crafts for kids

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