Rs 3500 Vouchers for buying Books up for grab – Giveaway ending on 14th November 2017

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Giveaway alert for all readers of Sharing Our Experiences

We want you to read books. So  here is our small contribution for the same. Thanks to our sponsors for joining us on in this initiative and making it grander

Rs 3500 Vouchers up for Grab

7 Lucky winners can win coupons worth Rs 500 each.

What can You Win ?

2 Rs 500 vouchers from (to buy books from their site)
2 Rs 500 vouchers from Books for Kiddies (to buy books from their group)
1 Rs 500 voucher from Books for Tiny tots (to buy books from their group)
1 Rs 500 voucher from Explore Kids world (to get goodies from their group)
1 Rs 500 Amazon voucher from Sharing our experiences to buy books

Participate in the give away and follow the steps to get gift vouchers. Results will be announced on 14th November

Rules for the November Giveaway

1. Comment on any one blog on of your choice. We want to know what you like reading about. Please have meaningful comments more than 10 words otherwise your comments will be considered spam and entry disqualified.

2. Like Facebook page of our sponsors and join their groups

Fb Page –

Fb Group –

Books for Kiddies 

Fb Group –

Books for Tiny Tots

Fb Page  –

Fb Group-

Explore Kids World

Fb Page –

Fb Group –

Sharing Our Experiences

Fb page –

Fb Group –

3. After you have done above, comment and tell us what book you are currently reading or you can review a book your kid loves or you can write about a book you want to buy from our sponsors. Don’t forget to mention your kids age. These comments are to be added on our Parenting Facebook group on the thread of this giveaway or you can also comment below.

4. The winners will be decided by us based on your comments and engagement. Other factors that can make a difference is how many people like your comments. So feel free to invite your friends to support you by liking your comments.

5. If you are one of our winners, post once you receive your gifts by tagging host and sponsors.

6. Tell us your email id so that we can keep you updated.

In order to contact you, we need your email id

We have not made liking and following us on social media channels compulsory but would love if you do that. You can find us on
 So what are you waiting for Ready , Steady Go…..Win.

Winners announced

Winners Books Giveaway 14 November

Thank you all for participating in our contest  We wish and hope you read many more books and raise readers.

The winners are
1) Ravinder Kaur (Bookmarks Rs 500 coupon)
2) Sulbha Bathwal (Books for Kiddies Rs 500 coupon)
3) Ghazala Naseem (Books for Kiddies Rs 500 coupon)
4) Shweta Garg (Books for Tiny tots Rs 500 coupon)
5) Angel S (Explore kids world Rs 500 coupon)
6) Anubhuti Seth Mehn (Amazon vouchers Rs 500)
7) Swetha Kalyan (Bookmarks Rs 500 coupon)

Many congratulations to all winners. Do share with us which books you bought and what you are reading. We never know – a word written here or a picture shared may inspire many more silently ..

Stay tuned as there are more giveaways coming up everymonth.

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  1. Omg how did i miss this? I just participated and commented on the fb thread, cos books!

  2. Amazing giveaway! Wish to win because who doesn’t love books! 😀

  3. this is an amazing giveaway sharing with my friends right away…

  4. That’s such an amazing giveaway. I would love to participate. Also sharing it on Twitter for others to benefit & participate.

  5. Yay books for giveaway. I am diving right in you have got such amazing sponsors. I would love to take part and win this

  6. Fantastic giveaway. Thanks for sharing it on the blog.

  7. Wow that’s a great giveaway especially for people who enjoy reading! Will definitely recommend it to my friends

  8. Wonderful Giveaway! Something not to be missed!

  9. Happy to participate 🙂 . My kid who is turning 3 next month, has his favorite book called ‘ Over on the farm’. Mumma loves it too as with that my son learned how to count.

    • Thank you so much Anubhuti. Wish you all the very best and hope you win. Oh wow my son is also going to be three soon. Would love to read the book you mentioned with him.

  10. This is a perfect giveaway for my 3 years twins as they love reading books and hubby both are non readers but our boys are avid readers at this age.. currently we are reading the famous book my little body book from Zubaan written and illustrated by Shruti Singhal..
    It is the book which helps in teaching kids about private parts and bad and good touch.. language used is perfect for kids and is suitable for 4years plus

    • Thank you so much dear 🙂 .. Well that is awesome. As I always say if there is one gift I could give me son it would be love for reading and learning, Once you have that you can do anything. I am so happy to hear that your kids love books. Wish you all the very best for the contest. And i too will read the book you are reading as soon as my kid turns 4

  11. Wonderful contest .
    Loved the gifts.I followed all rules.
    Commented on STEM education post.
    I think this blog is doing very well.I would love to see more DIY homeschooling ideas if possible.I also love the DIY Posts a lot

    • Thank you so much Amrita 🙂 .. Your comments made my day and may be I should say my week. It feel so good when our efforts are appreciated. Wish you all the very best for the contest. Hope you win

  12. What an exciting giveaway for people who love to read or are raising readers.

  13. That’s a wonderful initiative. As parents, we should encourage book reading among our kids.

    • Thank you so much Alpana 🙂 .. I am trying to do that though nowadays my son is more into story telling 🙂 which is also fine by the way .. Thanks for stopping by and all the very best

  14. Wow, that’s a huge Giveaway. The thought behind the giveaway is so unique and nice. Good Luck to everyone participating.

  15. Nice Giveaway , Participated . Followed all steps , Joined all groups .
    Commented on the post 11 Fun Travel Games as fond it too useful .
    Usually I don’t get much time to read book , But my kids read lots of story books as per their age .
    My Kids are of 12 yrs , 10 yrs , 8 yrs .
    Would love to win this giveaway for my kids 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ghazala. 🙂 .. Good to know that your kids love reading. All the best and hope you win. Would love to gift books to your kids as part of this giveaway 🙂

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