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I know you may be getting overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there. When in confusion trust your doctor. Here we have compiled all the best baby care products that you may need in your first few months. You may also find this page useful

1. Nappy time essentials 

2. Feeding time essentials

3. Bath and skin care essentials

4. Travel essentials

5. Products to set up your nursery

6. Baby Clothes

Do take care of yourself and try not to get overwhelmed (I know easier to say an difficult to practice). But your physical and mental health is of utmost important so make a conscious effort to take care of yourself.


Note: This page contains affiliate links. We only recommend the products that we love and have used ourselves.

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FOR older babies and TODDLERS

Looking for the best high chair? Check out our must read detailed guide on best high chair and how to choose a high chair. Read how to choose a high chair here

Looking for best potty seat for kids? Do not rush kids and wait when they are ready. Get a seat of the right size and ensure your kid feels comfortable in it

Looking for the best sippy cup? Go for soft spouts ones for younger kids and choose a size your kids can hold easily

Looking for best tricycles for toddlers or best trikes for toddlers in India? Check out this complete guide on best trikes for toddlers

Looking for educational toys for kids. Check out below guide on how to choose an educational toy for your kid & what worked for us

Not sure which books to buy for kids? Here we have consolidated all children’s books. Check out best books for toddlers and preschoolers now


Products that ultimately make our lives better and easier

FOR new moms (invest in below to make your life easier)


Getting the right feeding pillow can make our life much easier. So do invest in one to support your back and to ensure your neck and shoulders can relax

Looking for best Breast Pump? Confused between a manual electric pump or electric breast pump. Read how to choose a breast pump here. 


Looking for the best baby carriers? Check out the best options available and find the right fit for you. Look for an ergonomic carrier as it makes life easy



Looking for printable worksheets for helping your kid learn various concepts. Go ahead and get our printables bundles available at a nominal price. Download and print as many times you want

Parenting books

On my bookshelf

Check out these books that have changed the way I approach parenting and I can definitely recommend these to you

Grab the freebies

Ready to download multiple free worksheets for kids?


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