Air purifiers remove gases, allergens, aerosols, and air pollutants from the air, making the air in your house healthier. In today’s times when air pollution is at its peak, it is a necessity for every home. We have listed below some of the best-selling air purifiers. You can also check more about air purifiers in this >>> Guide to choosing the best Air purifier << Click Here

Dyson 360° Combi Glass HEPA & Carbon Replacement Filter (TP/HP-04/06/07/09, PH01)
Rs. 5,990
-36% Colorfullife Air Purifier Filter for Dyson DP01, DP03, HP00, HP01, HP02, HP03...
Rs. 6,325 Rs. 9,999
-39% Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices Dual Purification ACTIVE Plasmacluster Technology,PASSIVE...
Rs. 8,999 Rs. 14,900
-23% Mi Air Purifier 3 with True HEPA Filter and Smart App Connectivity
Rs. 9,999 Rs. 12,999
-60% TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier | Remote SensorPod | 360 HEPA Filtration with...
Rs. 18,999 Rs. 48,299
Sharp Air Purifier for Homes & Offices | Dual Purification - ACTIVE...
Rs. 19,000
-40% Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home, Special Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filter (AirMega...
Rs. 20,700 Rs. 34,900
-18% acerpure Cool 2 in 1 Air Purifier and Air Circulator for Home...
Rs. 21,990 Rs. 26,999
-21% HoMedics TotalClean Tower Air Purifier for Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, Dust, Germs, HEPA...
Rs. 26,258 Rs. 33,258
-36% Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier, HEPA + Activated Carbon Filter, Wi-Fi...
Rs. 27,900 Rs. 43,900
Fellowes 9286201 AeraMax 290 Large Room Air Purifier for Allergies, Asthma and...
Rs. 92,470
TruSens Z-3000 DuPont Specialty Filter 3-in-1 True HEPA Drum (Allergy & Flu)
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